A few things I believe in

I’m a big processer and over-analyzer. I think through things so much sometimes I can’t sit still. Last night I was thinking about some things, and when I started journaling, this is what came out. I hope it encourages you. I am so needing my heart to act like it believes everything written below.

Jesus, I believe You are Who You say You are.I believe You are the Son of God, that You were in the beginning with God, and that You came to walk on this earth to, wholly God and wholly man, to restore mankind’s relationship with God the Father. I believe that You were obedient to the point of sacrificiing Your own life to fulfill God’s plan. I believe that You rose from the dead and reign victorious. I believe You’re coming back for Your bride. I believe You chose me. I also believe that You will finish the work you began in my life. Inspite of me. Because of Who You are.


3 thoughts on “A few things I believe in

  1. Yes . The Father sees me clothed in the righteous ‘ skin’ of the Lamb of God.
    The cancer of sin to kill me is gone. God will never punish two people for the same crime.
    Thank you Jesus. Your perfect record substituted for my failure.
    And a new heart with the power to say no to sin.
    Glorious Grace!

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