God is good!

Okay, here are 2 things I am learning while I process things with God…

1. God is good and His mercies endure forever – It is oh so easy to blame Him when something bad happens in our lives, isn’t it? It’s easy to see God as the bad
guy when we are filled with pain. But all I can say to you is this: I would not last one day in this desert if not for His love. He has been pulling me through this and has opened my eyes enough to see Him do it!

2. All things happen for the good of those who love God –  I know there is a reason for my father’s death.. And while I adjust and cope I will rest in the knowledge that all of this is happening for my good. Do I believe this everyday? No! There are days when I just want my Dad back… These are the days I need to press on and just trust the Lord to save me from myself.

To quote my favorite blogger ever,

He took my Dad. And He gave me Himself.


I can see Him doing this… Drawing me near to Him. And that is all I need.


7 thoughts on “God is good!

  1. Jesus learned..thru suffering..Hebrews 2:17-18; Paul believed to suffer the loss of all things, counting them as rubbish, essential to gaining Christ. talked of His resurrection power and fellowship of sufferings of Christ in the same sentence. Great post Ana.

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