I’m definitely sure that I’m not sure…

How many times have you judged someone? Not just by the simple fact that they did something wrong, but just by their appearance or even by their life with God?

That many, huh?

I know. I’ve done that quite a bit myself. It’s not really pretty, is it? Goes against of what the Word of God teaches us, which is not to judge, or we WILL be judged. So true. We reap what we sow.

I used to be so judgemental of people who were having difficulties in their life with the Lord. I couldn’t understand how that was possible — until I began experiencing that same problem. I’m having the hardest time reaching out to Him. Sometimes I think I’m just a great big fraud, too afraid to show my weaknesses, hiding behind a mask. Maybe I’m being prideful and stubborn, not letting Him direct my path. My heart is so far from Him it’s not even funny! I pray that somehow I may be found righteous in His sight.

I’ve derailed. I apologize.

It’s so funny how in some churches they will think so highly of you when everything is going well, and when you have to go through a desert, they will treat you like you’re this terrible backslider and won’t even consider helping you out. I have done that! I am guilty! Please don’t be like me. There are so many hurting people out there. Don’t judge them, reach out to them. Be God’s hands and feet.

I’ve learned a great lesson from my friend Sarah on Monday. Check out her blog, you won’t regret it.

God bless!


PS: Here’s a video of my friends from Truth Bomb. Hope you enjoy it.


One thought on “I’m definitely sure that I’m not sure…

  1. I love that God is using us to confirm things in each other Ana! I love that He is speaking to both of us about judging others and not being afraid to show weaknesses.. He is doing a new thing, and I am glad that we are a part of it.

    i think you are too hard on yourself Ana.. Everyone judges people at some point or another in life, it is a human condition. the fact that you recognize that in your life as something that needs to change is the very thing that separates you. you are looking for the Lord to improve you- therefore are exposing yourself to His righteousness 🙂

    chin up, friend. you are on the right path 🙂

    love ya!

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