For my friends


As you know, I’ve been reading a few blogs lately and I must say that I’ve been greatly impacted by them. It is good to know there are still real people out there with real feelings, who are not concerned about their image and how people would perceive them if  by any chance they say the “wrong thing.” They are just who they are – ordinary people who struggle just like the rest of the human race. They also have doubts and insecurities, and I thank God they don’t try to hide these feelings, because I believe that is the best way to reach out to others.

Life is not always easy. In fact, Jesus said we would be persecuted, and face all kinds of hardships for His name’s sake, but sometimes it seems like the burden is a little too heavy, doesn’t it? I have been through a long period of just feeling dry, and as if I were in the desert, but reading these blogs really helped me understand that I was not alone, that there was someone else out there going through hard times!

Ok, this is not at all the purpose of this post, is it? Alright, blogs.. where was I?

Yeah, so I just wanted to share wih you all the blogs that have encouraged me in my walk with Christ, so here it goes:

Bethany Dillon: Beth has blessed me greatly, not only through her blog, but through her music ministry. I feel such sincerity in her words and that just blows me away. Check out her page, listen to her music if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it! She has just recently started another blog, if you want to check it out!

Angie Smith: This woman has been through such a hard time in her life!! I can’t imagine going though the same situation. And she still finds the strength to share it with people and minister to them. She almost made me cry, to be completely honest with you! I strongly recommend her blog!  You’ll understand why after you visit her page. I praise God for her life! 

Jasmine Baucham: Jasmine’s blog is like a breath of fresh air. At 19 years of age she is still living at home and is proud of it.

The website Visionary Daughters is a wonderful tool to young ladies who are living at home, but are somehow struggling with it!

Well, I pray you enjoy all the blogs – and the site. Leave me a comment if you do.

God bless you,


4 thoughts on “For my friends

  1. Ana, thank-you so much for sharing these blogs with us all! I am looking forward to chekcing out Bethany Dillon’s newest writings. God Bless.

  2. 🙂 isn’t it refreshing to know whe are not the only ones who experience dryness, sadness, loneliness at times? i’m excitd about these blogs and connecting with people- i believe that’s what it’s all about 🙂

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